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  1. B

    Fickle Student Fanbase

    Student apathy doesn't only reside in Terre Haute. Look at this................................ :sycamores:
  2. T

    looking for former isu players, coaches, student manager, trainers

    I am Tom James, the editor of the Indiana State University Football Alumni newsletter. I started the newsletter in late January in an attempt to help former players, coaches, student managers and athletic trainers keep in touch with the Sycamores Football Program. I don't get paid to do this by...
  3. G

    Student Section?

    I know that all of the tickets are bought for tonights game, but I also know that alot of tickets are set aside for the student section. I sure hope we can fill the student section so that whole place if full!!! That would look really bad if everything but the student section is full?!?
  4. Sycamore624

    Classless Rutgers Student Section

    The Star-Ledger Obscene fans at Rutgers draw a penalty flag Tuesday, September 11, 2007 The play came late in the game, when Rutgers expanded its lead over Navy to a comfortable level after a tight three quarters. Navy's Reggie Campbell took the kickoff and ran full speed ahead up the...
  5. Jason Svoboda

    New Student Recreation Center: What do you think about it?

    A proposed student recreation center at Indiana State University moved one step closer to reality Thursday following action by the university's governing board. The Board of Trustees approved the schematic design, budget and funding plan, and authorized the university's administration to seek...