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  1. Jason Svoboda

    Baseball takes ISU students north to Alaska

    In his second consecutive summer of playing wood-bat baseball for the Alaska Goldpanners of Fairbanks, Terre Haute native Nick Ciolli doesn?t see many people from his hometown. More...
  2. Sycamore624

    ATTN: Current ISU Students!!

    If you are currently a student living on campus at ISU please send me a PM. Thanks :sycamores:
  3. IndyTreeFan

    Hey all you students out there...

    I gotta ask - WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO GET YOUR FELLOW STUDENTS TO SHOW UP??? The student attendance last night was way beyond pathetic. Those that were there were FANTASTIC, and I really believe contributed to our win. That said, what is keeping students away? What would you do to get the...
  4. IndyTreeFan

    Where were the students???

    Great win by the Trees! However, what's up with the students? I thought this game was heavily promoted by the Athletic Department. I was told a couple of weeks ago that they weren't doing much to assure people used their Drake tickets because so much effort was going into the "Hoosier Hoopla"...
  5. Jason Svoboda

    Indiana State University students present interior design plans for historic Nellie T

    Chairs, soon to be filled with nervous Indiana State University students, stood on a hardwood floor signed with white paint by previous tenants of the historic Nellie Tally House. Colleen Chestnut and Jim Silver bought the former home of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity on South Sixth Street and...
  6. Jason Svoboda

    Do we have any current students?

    Just curious if we have any current students on the site yet? I'm looking for someone that would be interested in hanging flyers on bulletin boards, etc. in all of the dorms and common areas on campus.