'20 IN C Nick Hittle (10/24/2019)


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Indianapolis (IN) Culver Academy
AAU: Indiana Elite

Ht: 6'10" | Wt: 240 pounds

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Nice stroke, can handle a bit of contact, decent weight, hops need work, hard to find a 6'10" center with decent skills. I think we have that in him.


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Saw Hittle play lasted week against Zionsville who has a 6'11 Center in Gunnar Vannatta. Hittle was completely contained in the post and only got 1 shot attempt. From 3 he was excellent and his shot looks great. He also rebounded fairly well and had good energy. He seems like he has loads of potential.


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Sounds like he's another Jake Kitchell type player to me. I don't think I ever saw that kid dunk the ball his whole career here. Great......a 6'10 guy who shoots threes. Hopefully he can make a layup.