2022-23 Around College Hoops

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Jason Svoboda

The Bird Level
Other side of the bracket boxes:

Drexel 59, UTA 38 - Barn burner.

FGCU 82, NKU 61



The Captain Level
Under 8 TO East Carolina leading Toledo 60-53. ECU has caught fire from 3 point range the last couple minutes and is creating a llittlebreathing room, but still plenty of time left. This is a good game.


The All-MVC Level
Wow....Is Toledo really not good?..... or is ECU better than people thought? This might make our win more impressive!!
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The Menser Level
He had Pooh Bear on his jersey and doesn't like people talking about his name?

Maybe every time an Italian player is in the game the announcers should explain the heritage of being Italian.


The Menser Level
Anybody see the stupidity in the Iowa game? The announcer said the shot clock didn't start the same time the game clock did. The shot clock does not have tenths of seconds. Then they said the shot clock could have 3.9 when it says 3. Talk about stupid. When it says 3, it has to have LESS THAN 3!