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The Captain Level
Blue Ribbon Basketball

I have been a subscriber to Blue Ribbon College Basketball for more than 20 years. It used to be "The Bible." The magazine has changed hands in recent years at least two times and the changes in ownership, in my judgment, have NOT brought improvement. Last year's edition was loaded with errors, which undermined my confidence in the publication with a $25-$30 price tag. Among many other things, I read about what Indiana State Coach "Royce Walton" :confused: was concerned about. These guys need an editor (so do I sometimes :) but I am not getting paid for writting on this forum).

I am hoping this year's edition is better but I am not encouraged by the ISU story about how "Clayton Vetter" :mad: changed his mind about coming here. Don't you think that a basketball expert would know how to spell the surname of Iowa's "Mr. Basketball"?