Blue vs. White Game

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Nothing meant to be personal in nature but your Buddy must not have gone to the same scrimmage I did? The best two players on the floor were (unfortunately for this season) Harry Marshall (who won't be playing for awhile) & Lathan (who has to redshirt a transfer year). The fans and his teammates are going to really like playing with T. Cutter. There will be some highlight reels for some showtime baskets due to his delivering the pass at the right time and in the right place for someone to score. Most everyone who played showed something but I do foresee a problem rebounding; hopefully we will shoot a good % as I don't think we will get many second shots; size but no muscle or aggrresiveness to get the ball. A poster on the other Sycamore board must have read my mind in his evaluation of the scrimmage. With a couple of exceptions I agree with everything he said..............and that's scary!
If you are talking about my post, what points did you not agree with? I'm not implying that my thoughts were anywhere near perfect. I'm just salivating for discussion and curious what others saw. Last year, others saw the talent in AC before I did.
I wasnt very impressed with the Blue vs. White game. My main concern is with Harry Marshal ineligible who is going to play point guard. I didnt see Rashad Reed play during the scrimmage at all so I can't comment on him, but Tyler Cutter is very small and inexperienced then again he is a freshmen so you cant expect to much out of him yet. Aaron Carter looked very good. The one thing I am sure of is that we will definitely have a good shot blocking team.

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I think Cutter will be our point guard and remain there for his entire career - even if Marshall had been eligible. Cutter fits right into the mold that Altman has had with the Bluejays all those years while McKenna was there. First it was Ryan Sears (4 year starter at PG); then it was Tyler McKinney (4 year starter at PG - with some lapses in there due to injuries); currently it is Josh Dotzler (entering his 4th year as the starter at PG with some lapses due to injuries also). The "system" plugs in a young PG and lets them develop - Cutter is a proto-type of those players above and McKenna will try to utilize him in the same manner.
My Thoughts

Here are my thoughts on the scrimmage: (for what its worth)

1. Lathan was the best player on the floor. Athletic, physical, decent shooter, slasher. Got up and blocked a Carl Richard jump shot. I have only seen him once, but I think he could be in the running for NOY next year.

2. Marshall was also very good. We are going to miss him at the beginning of the year. He looks like the team leader, along with Tunnell.

3. Tunnell looks trimmer than last year. Showed a nice outside jumper better facing the basket than with back to it.

4. Cutter was a big surprise for me. He is a true PG. Absolutely agree with SycEm. He looks like our PG for years to come. Excellent passer, sees the floor well, good shooter.

5. Richard As advertised with athleticism. Can really get up in the air. Can shoot it. Looks like he could be a good defender down the line. A tad shaky handling the ball and passing though.

6. Printy Best shooter on team. Will contribute this year.

7. Crawford Not overly impressed or disappointed. He is long and lanky. Looks like a decent athlete. Could be a solid contributor with added weight in the next year or two.

8. Leitnaker About the same as Crawford. Didn't do anything special. I like Crawford a little more at this point.

9. Martin A little stronger. Looks about the same on offense as last year but with added muscle could be an even bigger force on D. He is the kind of kid who just lights up a room and others follow him. natural leader.

10. Doluony Another pleasant surprise. Can handle the ball, defend. He may never be our leading scorer, but he is going to get a lot of rebounds, blocked shots, and steals before his career is over. Looks like a natural for a pressing style team as he is athletic, long, and fast.

11. Carter Was maybe the best player on floor at the beginning. Slowed some at the end. Steady player who is going to maybe be our leading scorer this year in my opinion. Shot the ball from out really well.

12. Barlow was disappointing. Not going to see much time in my opinion.

13. Donaldson typical walk-on. Practice player only.

14. Reed has an injury. Disappointed to not be able to see him but hope he is ready for the season.