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  1. B

    Game #3 ISU vs. "Hilljackers"

    Maybe the KU boys celebrated their first two games with a little moonshine last nite and take the Sycamores lightly today? We need this one. :sycamores: GO SYCAMORES! No walks, more "K's" and revived power from the Sycamore bats will be the ticket! :talktohand: Starts again at 1:00 p.m...
  2. B

    Sycamores vs. Austin Peay Game Thread

    Don't see a live stats link YET but here is the AP link if it happens: I'm visiting family in Goergia this week. If this game had been scheduled for Friday I could have stopped off on my way home............oh well. GO...
  3. SydCamore

    RJ Mahurin Nominated for McDonald's All-American Game

    Rumor is that RJ Mahurin has been nominated for the McDonald's All-American game. The team is supposed to be announced tonight. That would be CRAZY if ISU is getting a McDonald's All-American. Will he make the team? It will be tough. Whether he does or not, that is a pretty good honor.
  4. T

    watched the missouri state game on tv....

    while i was in my hotel room in terre haute saturday night. i like the marshall kid. a lot. he gives isu so much. great win for the sycamores. wish richard had hit his free throw late there, but marshall made up for it there at the end.
  5. S

    Free Video Feed of Creighton Game

    Contest from Omaha being broadcast on Nebraska Public Television. Here is a link to the free webcast
  6. SydCamore

    TH North/TH South Game

    Might as well start a new thread for the North/South game. Predictions?..................... I am not predicting this one because I am not in position to do so. However, I am interested in your thoughts.
  7. S

    ISU-Butler Women's game WEBCAST AT NOON TODAY

    The game will be webcast live by the Horizon League Network, which usually provides a very good signal. Moreover, it is FREE.
  8. Daveinth

    conseco game

    Just wondering how many people will be driving over to watch the mid week mid afternoon game we have to inflate our numbers to show a miserable attendance for a home game let alone this game . hopefully IUPUI will bring some people
  9. Little Eddie

    Game thread...Depauw

    Started off ok but now things have slowed down...TO's again...big jam by AC but not much since. 6-6 early...
  10. ISUCC

    ISU vs. Murray State game

    ISU won at Murray State last year, but they seem to be an improved team this year, at least at home, they, like ISU, struggle on the road. So let's hope ISU can pick up it's 1st win of the season. Losing to an OVC team is never good, but certainly not as bad as losing to a Mid-Con team (as WSU...
  11. IndyTreeFan

    If you're going to the DePaul game...

    ...this sounds like fun: There will be a Pre-game party located at Allstate Arena Budweiser Room Rosemont, IL 6920 N Mannheim Rd, Saturday, November, 29, 2008 from 11 am- 12:30 pm (CST) Come and visit with the Coaches, Staff and Fellow Alumni For reservations and tickets call Sycamore Varsity...
  12. B

    First Home Game - North Texas State

    The Sycamores open at home next Sunday afternoon vs. North Texas State Mean Green. Some info on the Mean Green: :sycamores::basketball::basketball::basketball::basketball::basketball:
  13. S

    Blue vs. White Game

    Did anyone else go? I know most of you will have your opinions on how it went.
  14. Jason Svoboda

    ISU football?s leading scorer is fairly new to game

    Believe it or not, Indiana State?s leading scorer in football never played the sport until 2007. With the Sycamores struggling to produce consistent offense during their 0-5 start this season, walk-on freshman Braulio Martinez has kicked three field goal in four attempts and three extra points...
  15. bent20

    Live game stats

    Has anybody been able to get the live stats page at to work? It looks like they've made some changes over there but it's still not working for me. It hasn't worked all season.
  16. bent20

    Went to the NIU game

    My wife (an NIU grad) and I went to the game today and stayed through the third quarter. I thought I'd share my thoughts since it's the first ISU game I've seen in a while in person or on TV. Best moment of the game for ISU was before it even started. NIU was having a moment of silence for...
  17. Cap'n Cat

    Cap'n Cat Bringin' His "A" Game To SycTalk!!!!

    Hey, Tree fans. Cap'n Cat's third favorite team in the MVFC is INSU. I like revolution - when the bottom teams revolve to the top. I aways root for the Sycs (even, privately, sometimes, when they play UNI!). Gonna be here more often! Have pride, Sycamore Nation...
  18. ISUCC

    Golden comments on ISU - EMU game

    for your reading.... Golden Blog
  19. bent20

    Following the game online

    Does anyone know if there is a place online where you can follow the game, much like the NFL's game center? I don't have to hear it (I still have a dial up connection at home), I just would like to see what happens on each play.
  20. Jason Svoboda

    ISU football goes into game mode as training camp ends

    ISU?s football team has spent nearly a month learning its playbook, who can and can?t execute, and learning about itself. During Tuesday night?s scrimmage, ISU finally got a dress rehearsal to put the work into practice. More...