Drake Loses in First Round

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The Varsity Level
Heartbreaking loss to Western Kentucky 101-99. Miracle 3 pointer at the buzzer under a triple team. WKU absolutely unconscious from 3 range all game. Wow.

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that was just SICK!! Drake had it, then it slip away. Not a good year for the MVC, need the NIT and WNIT teams to continue doing well, then get multiple ncaa bids next season again.
I would not call this a horrible loss for the Valley. Upsets happen every year, and I think most people can agree that WKU should probably have been higher than a 12 seed. If you watched the game, WKU just couldn't miss, and I still think if these teams played 10 times, Drake would win 7 or 8. It was just WKU's day. Drake showed tremendous heart by coming back in a game where the officiating stunk, the ball was not bouncing their way and they could not hit the shots that we in the Valley have seen them hit all year long. One of their worst games of the year combined with a great game by the toppers and a one point loss on a shot that the WKU kid might hit twice out of ten shots.

Valley will be back next year......

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The Valley had one team in the tournament and they went down in the first round. Yes, WKU played tough, but this is a horrible loss for the Valley. We've gone from four teams in the field and two in the Sweet 16 a few years ago to one and done with out best team. It is a set back.