good article from Golden to new ISU president

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The Odum Level
surprised noone posted a link to this yet. Good "welcome" letter from Todd Golden to new ISU president Bradley regarding the state of ISU sports.

He has alot to say in the article. Let's all hope the upswing continues at ISU.

article link


The Nicks Level
I read that last night. I was thinking a lot of the same things as Todd. He's spot-on on most of his points. The most important being - "Let Prettyman be Prettyman."

I hope Dr. Bradley is a sports fan, and understands the impact that a successful athletic program can have on the institution as a whole. No better marketing program exists...



The White Level
I have always liked this an athletic business development professional and former ISU alum I could not agree more with this entire article. there are a number resources surrounding the campus that are already in place that could enhance the college experience at Indiana State and possibly become a major hot spot for night life, athletics, and even commercial development in Terre Haute. Example

A square that stretches from 7th & Wabash E to the tracks north to where the tracks intersect back west to 7th street has the potential to become a major hot spot for our university.....the destruction of the school of business towers would open up a perfect location to place the new multipurpose development and bars all down ninth street up to the bally could create a corner of fun and entertainment for the community and everyone connected to the university. Keep in mind the new rec. center would be right across 7th street which would be where all of our athletic teams would weight train. Both the sycamore place apartments and the UV's already surround this area which is a major plus that gives this area even more potential to go along with the new parking Garage that has just been built on 7th street. When you get started let me know I will move back to Terre Haute for a few years and help with this project simply because I know how big it will be to a community that is seriously climbing into its death bed
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