ISU at Central Michigan

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looks like the women played well, but lost 84-83, this was a back and forth game (according to the stats link anyway).

Young team, they'll learn as the season goes on. Would have been nice to have won this one though.
Listened to this game and was just wondering from seeing Mullins in the game against MSL why the coach is not letting her drive into the basket and keeping her out in the corner. I understand the play but i know from expirence that this young lady could put some points up on the board for the sycamores. Turn her loose and see what happens and then go from there. By the way great game yesterday only wish the Sycamores would have won. Best of luck from here on out
I think there is a big difference between Missouri-St. Louis and Central Michigan in regards to the Mulins comment about driving to the basket. Also it was the first road trip for the freshmen and that is an adjustment with traveling, hotel, pregame, etc.....