ISU at Creighton

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The Odum Level
well, here we go with another away game in Omaha, on TV no less too. Let's hope ISU can get past the shooting woes and at least shoot 40% from the field, I think that alone would keep ISU in this one.

CU and UNI were on ESPN2 the other night and CU sure looked pretty good, much better than when they played at ISU. It sure would be nice to get one more road win, or at least be competitive. If they could show that I think most of us fans would be satisfied. I'm tired of the 20+ point blowouts on the road.

Anyway, here are a couple preview articles already.

From Omaha:

From TH:

TV info from the ISU site:

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I would expect us to look a lot better against the Jays. Heck, we see them every day in practice, so we ought not be surprised. Plus, we have historically played well in the Quest Center. I bet this is a good game, very entertaining, and one that will return some of our confidence to us.



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if you're watching on tv let those of us that can't see it on tv know your thoughts.

In other mvc action:

SIU beat WSU

Bradley up on UE

Drake and Ill. State tied at 17's

ISU down early 14-6

good lord, ISU 25% from the field.
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Evansville up on Bradley. Ill. St. up on DU

I wish ISU would take it to the basket instead of settling for so many far away jumpers.

21-11 CU up now. Can't let them run away early! come on guys!!

CU is shooting lights out, so hopefully they won't keep that up.
We are moving the ball well on offense and getting good looks, we just aren't hitting anything. Add to that the fact that Creighton is hitting EVERYTHING (whether we guard them or not) and this game is going the way of the UNI - Indiana State game earlier this year. This is starting to look like one of those nights where Creighton can do no wrong.....
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26-13 CU after the 3 free throws by CU, ISU 35% from the field yet. CU 57% from the field, 62% from 3 point range.
Illinois State and Bradley winning at the half in the other 2 games.

Things are NOT looking good for ISU here.

28-15 CU by 13 already. I'm sure the 16,000 plus crowd is helping them.

ISU still not working the ball inside, just shooting long range shots time after time.
34-19, another blowout of epic proportions in the making. Man, when is this misery gonna end????? All the radio announcers are talking about is how bad ISU is playing. I just don't get it.

28% from the field too for ISU, the shooting woes drag on. CU outrebounding ISU 16-9 too

Ill. State up 9 on Drake now, 40-31.

43 - 29 CU, sure would be nice to see this get within 10 before half so it would be a little respectable.
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46-30 at the half, they're killing us from 3 point range, noone is guarding their shooters. This is just getting more and more ugly.

ISU 38% from the field, CU 55% from the field, 58% from 3 point range, ISU has NO shot at this game. All we can hope for is that they keep it within 20.
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I hate to say it, but we're not very good. We just don't have the players to compete with teams like Creighton, unless they have a bad night. Very sad...
C'mon State! We're a good free throw shooting team...let's take it to 'em so we can go to the line more in the second half.