ISU at Missouri State 1/27

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The White Level
I listened to this game as well as the Wichita State game and it sounded like 2 different teams played each game. I don't know if they took the Shockers too lightly but the intensity did not seem to be there like the game played at Springfeild. It helped that they shot over 50% on Sunday as opposed to alot less in Wichita. I still beleive that offense breeds off defense and it sounded like their defense really steped up at the Hulman Center which I think the ladies have only won twice and those have been the last 2 years. Why this is I don't know and I am sure Coach is wondering the same thing. To be able to win there shows alot of composure for these ladies and hopefully this week we are on the way to be able to play like they have last game. We need everyone to come out and support them this week for their 2 game swing with 2 very good teams. These are big games for them. I know I will be there.