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The Odum Level
down 14 at the half, shooting is horrendous, will need a stellar effort in the 2nd half to win this one. LMU pressing alot.



The Menser Level
Let's see....this game is almost two months old....but I didn't know about this message board at the time. I attended these tournament games. It was fun seeing my alma mater play in Southern California. If any of the Lady Sycamores are reading this....I was the weird looking long haired bearded dude wearing ISU apparel. Probably not too hard to recognize since there were so few fans in the small LMU gymnasium.

Nice job pulling out the win over Sand Diego State...and during the "awards ceremony" after the LMU game, it was nice to hear the LMU coach speak very highly of the Sycamores. She specifically mentioned what a top notch program ISU has and that the LMU/ISU game did not reflect how well ISU normally plays.

Good luck with the rest of the season!