iu ringtones?

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The JSW Level
an advertisement for indiana university ringtones on an indiana state website????? say it ain't so!!!!!....lol.....


The White Level
LOL that is the problem our new AD is doing a wonderful job with the athletic program itself but our marketing department is still doing a terrible job of putting together an apparel proposal to put indiana state athletics back on the map in the state of indiana i mean lets be honest the last item with an isu logal of any kind i came across at any mall in the indianapolis metropolitan area was a replica Larry Bird jersey I mean i am all for the legend but times go on there are a large contingency of ISU alumni around the state that would love to support our school but can't because we have to drive all the way to terre haute to the book store to even get something modern with ISU on it


The JSW Level
isu clothing, hats

i would have to agree. i also live here in indy and trying to find anything with an indiana state university logo or emblem is very tough. i have bought baseball caps at lafayette square and metropolis in plainfield. but t-shirts, shorts, sport shirts, jackets, sweats are nearly non-existant. and when i go to the on-campus bookstore in terre haute, the stuff they have isn't very good. they have basic shirts, hats, sweats, etc. but they don't have a lot, if any, athletics-related stuff.

fans and alums should at least be able to go to the isu bookstore and find something that says, "indiana state football, basketball, women's basketball, baseball, softball, track, etc." but there's nothing there, or at least there hasn't been.

there is a place down at honey creek square mall, but again the stuff there tends to be pretty weak. and, yes, i know that there is a website to order stuff from for athletics. but the selection isn't much better.

while there are those who would want to complain about the marketing department, some of the problems reside with those of us who follow isu athletics but won't buy items when they are offered.

fans need to go to stores (like Dick's Sporting Goods, Target, Wal-Mart) all around indiana, but especially places like indianapolis, and ask for indiana state athletics apparel. and keep asking. if the stores know that there is a demand and interest for the items, they may just stock them.