Lady Sycamores vs Arkansas-Pine Bluff

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The Wade Level
The Sycamores begin regular season play on Sunday, November 11 against Arkansas-Pine Bluff at 2:05 p.m. (EST) at Hulman Center. Last season, the Sycamores posted a school-record 116 points against the Golden Lionettes.

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Were you at the exhibition game on Saturday, FireMedic75? What was your take on the players?
Yes I was there. It seemed like a tale of two halves. The 1st half we shot lights out. Our intensity was there and with the type of pressure defense we play I think Coach had the ladies going at it. To me, and this is just my opinion, they can only go at this pace for only so long. I mean to tell you they were executing alot of energy out there and then when in the 2nd half rolled around and our shots werent falling it seemed like all that energy had been burnt in the 1st half and even though they seemed to be giving their all they had burnt it all in the 1st half. Coach did rotate players in and out alot because there is no way they could go at it like that on defense with just a few players. I wasnt real impressed by the press. It executes so much energy and the ladies ran it well but once again I think it hurt us more than did good in the end. Overall I think we will be fine and this team for sure is fun to watch. I plan to make all the home games and hopefully some away ones too.
ISU up by 20 in the 2nd half, anyone with a report after the game as to how the women played as opposed to the Indy game last week??
ISU 89, Arkansas-Pine Bluff 55

Though Ark-Pine Bluff is an athletic team composed of several jucos and Detroit high school players, it was not as polished as UIndy. We looked much better than we did against Indianapolis (though Ark-PB outscored us from the field) and we barely won the rebounding battle. We did hit 41 of 47 from the field to win the game from the free throw line. Pine Bluff defended the arc fairly well; We hit only 6 of 24 3-pointers. Maria Olsthoorn ws 11 of 11 and Laura Rudolphi was 9 of 9.

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