Lady Trees holding closed scrimmage against Illini today

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The Wade Level
The Lady Sycs will be having a closed scrimage today against Illinois. I'll have as much post scrimage details as possiable later.

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I'm surprised Illinois would want to have anything to do with the Sycamores after the loss two years ago. Mutual respect, I guess.
I'm not sure but I think the Illini have a different coach now.
so apparently the Bellarmine exhibition turned "closed scrimmage" never took place?
Yea I think the Bellarmine game was still played but opened to family of the players only. If any one who went is out there please post your thoughts.

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I hope we don't inadvertently violate an NCAA rule with scheduling. It is my understanding that you are allowed two exhibition games. A "closed scrimmage" can be done but it counts same as an exhibition game. If we did in fact scrimmage w/Bellarmine & again today with Illinois the Saturday exhibition with Indianapolis would be a violation...................I sure hope this is not the case and somebody is doing the compliance job adequately?
Im pretty sure last year we had 2 exhibition games and also went to I think Kentucky for a closed scrimmage game. I may be wrong of the location of the scrimmage game but I know I went to 2 games at the Hulman center before the season opened and then the ladies traveled to another location for a closed door scrimmage.