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I've been able to watch a couple games so far this year at Terre Haute North. They have a surprisingly good (albiet young) couple of post players. I've seen one of them mentioned on here as a potential '10 recruit in Thomas Anderson. However, I've been much more impressed with the play of a freshman starting on the Varsity Team in Justin Gant. He's listed at 6'7" and that seems ligit to me after seeing him stand next to Thomas Anderson who's listed at 6'6". Both guys have some talent especially with 10-12 foot jump shots. It will be very interesting to see these two gain weight and height, Not sure how much bigger Anderson will get, however I've heard that Gant has been told by his doctor that he has at least one stong growth spurt left. I'll keep an eye on these guys and if anyone else has any info on these guys keep us posted.

Also, I have not seen Terre Haute South play this year, but they have been playing well and only lost by a single point @ Lawrence North rated #3 in the State. Any info on that team i would appreciate as well.

:sycamores: GO STATE!!! :sycamores:

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I watched them play on Friday and from that one game I was extrememly NOT impressed. I would give a slight edge to Gant over Anderson.


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The Newton Kid looks good, just have to wonder how tough their schedule is to gage him by.
My daughter is a basketball player at Terre Haute North and said Coach McKenna "and some other guy" was at the boys open gym thursday morning. Who would he be looking at? Anderson, O'Leary, Gant ?