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We are VERY happy to make the announcement that Adidas Phenoms, Top 150 and Elite Showcase events will all be held at Indiana State University this coming March 29-30! Gate proceeds will go to the Mens and Womens Basketball programs! Be sure to let ALL the basketball players from the classes of 2015 - 2009 that you know about this great event! Here is the info!!

Adidas Jr Phenom, Top 150 and Adidas Elite Showcase will be held this year in Terre Haute, Indiana at Indiana State University! The dates of the Showcase will be March 29-30, 2008. Cost is $200.00 per participant! If you need room and board through that weekend there will be an additional charge of $150.00 ( $200.00 DAY CAMPERS, $350.00 OVERNIGHT)

Each participant will receive equal playing time and be competing against some of the TOP players in the region! Participants from as far away as Alabama to Michigan and Minnesota will participating!

The Jr Phenom participants (graduating classes of 2015-2013) will be evaluated and skills sessions measured to invite the top 15 from each group to the National Showcase in San Diego, CA in the summer of 2008. MVP from the Jr Phenoms will be voted upon and receive his and her entry paid to the National event by the Regional office!

The players from the Top 150 and Elite division will play be divided into teams, and play games before some of the top AAU and small college coaches in the region. There will also be Shooting and Dunk contests to being some competitive fun to the Showcase, and knock off the edge a little! You MUST compete in this REGIONAL event in order to compete in the NCAA approved NATIONAL event in San Diego in July of 2008.

All-Star teams will be voted upon by NON-BIASED judging staff.

This event is expected to fill up VERY fast due to the new location of the event. Come play on the same courts that Larry ?the Legend? Bird played on through his college career!

The first 300 Boys and Girls that send in their entry will be accepted on a FRIST COME FIRST SEARVED basis!

WARNING, this is NOT an entry level camp! You should have played competitive basketball at whatever level you are entering! The BEST of the BEST will be competing in this event. You DO NOT want to miss out on this!

Please visit for more information or call 502-298-2106 if you have questions. We will have Hotel listings on our website very soon for those coming in from out of town.

Spectators, Coaches and Fans are welcome to attend and watch the Showcase, there will be a weekend gate charge for spectators. Participant rosters will be available to participants to see who?s who!

Please e-mail us ASAP if you need an application mailed to you (if you are unable to download it from the web site)

AGAIN this is for BOYS and GIRLS from the classes of 2015-2009.


Are College coaches allowed to attend to view and or recruit during this event?


The Menser Level
This event is a solicitation and I don't think it belongs in the Sycamore Basketball forum.


Believe you're right Quabachi................................
I have seen the same solicitation on a couple of other message boards in the last few days. The h.s. coach at T.H. South used to do the same thing with a "jump higher workout or ..........", posting it on various message boards; lots of free advertising. I'm thinking it was before he became the head coach at South?

I doubt the moderator on this site will remove it though. They still haven't removed all of the stuff about the Mavunga recruit who snubbed us for Miami (OH); still call it newsworthy ???


Couldn't be more wrong!

Solicitation? I guess any time you make a posting about anything to do with any "event" it's a form of solicitation, but what you're missing is this:

1.Exposure for Indiana State University to the BEST young talent in the region. This event will give top level players the ability top see the campus, and even meet some of the Coaching Staff (NON HIGH SCHOOL PLAYERS ONLY).

2. Financial support - this event normally draws in hundreds of kids to play against top level competition. These are non-Terre Haute families coming to Terre Haute for a weekend, and, they bring their wallets with them! Fans are more than welcome to watch the event, but there will be a gate fee to get in! This will go to help the Indiana State Athletic Department, and NOT to the people running the camp. This event is ASLO to help Indiana State University! The proceeds from the camp entry's go to the Indiana Elite Sharks 2010 squad play in NCAA approved summer events. This is NOT a money making event for any individual. This is a legit fund raising event for the College and a 501 C 3 not for profit Summer High School basketball all-star team.

3. Don't tell me the city doesn't need the boost in their local economy! Look guys, I'm FROM Terre Haute originally, I graduated from THN back in 1981! I was asked to bring this event to Terre Haute, instead of where it has been held in Louisville, Kentucky! Being from Terre Haute I KNOW for fact that there just isn't a lot of opportunity for the city to get this kind of positive exposure. And as mentioned before, with this amount of people, come money into the local environment!

Look, everyone is a critic, and I'm sure "Solicitation" is frowned on by you posters who are obviously HUGE Sycamore supporters. That's great, I love the fact that you're all looking out for the best thing for this web site, and those who post on it. But PLEASE don't think this is something that is not going to benefit the school, or the ISU athletic Department.

I'm always ready to answer any questions or comments anyone might have on this event. It's all on the up and up, and we want to showcase not only the top level youth in this region, but the city of Terre Haute as well, and the Campus of Indiana State University.

Please don't hesitate to ask! You can e-mail me or ask a question on here. If you need a quick answer e-mailing me is best, I may not get a chance to check this board ever day!



The Nicks Level
Have to say that I thought you were being a bit harsh, Quabachi. These events generally draw very well, and will give these top flight youngsters a nice exposure to ISU. Who knows, perhaps it will catch in some blue-chippers mind that he really wants to play in the building where the Blonde Bomber once played. There should be lots of images of Larry Bird and John Wooden all over the place while this is going on...I'm thinking of bringing my son to see it, if we're not in Florida.

These types of events can really put ISU on the map in the minds of these youngsters. No, we're not going to get all of them, or even very many of them, but we might get one or two down the road, and adding a couple of blue-chip recruits cannot hurt the program. We've got a conference that acts like it's big-time, several of the schools in our conference have started acting big-time, and I don't see why ISU should be any different. Honestly, when I saw this, I was pretty excited about it. I think it's a great thing, and should be embraced by our fans for what it can do for ISU and our basketball program.

Phenom, I think it's great that you're in the position to help out ISU and Terre Haute like this. This is a great basketball area, and given the right promotion, you could have a large crowd not just of participants, but of spectators as well.

My best wishes to you on this event (even if you did graduate from North...:))!


Thanks IndyTreeFan

I don't blame anyone for being skeptical, actually I applaud their concern. I just want everyone to know that this is being done to better the sport, and to bring ISU to the forefront of these top level athletes when they think about College Basketball!

I was around during the 78-79 season. I remember what Indiana State Basketball used to be, and what we all hope CAN BE once again! If we start getting the "blue-chippers" introduced at a young age, you are 100% correct in assuming they may chose ISU when the time comes.

Many recruits remember the programs that first shook their hand, or patted them on the back.

Although the High School kids cannot be recruited during this time frame, they are going to be on the campus, and exposed to everything that is ISU!

I only ask that the city embraces this wonderful event, and welcomes these kids with open arms. I've been away from the Haute for about 11 years now, but I don't think all the friendliness has left the city!