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The Varsity Level
When is the legend list going to continue? I find it hard to believe that three people are ahead of Menser? We all know who #1 is but if we are talking about just legends, I see menser in the two spot, what do you guys think?
Renn and Green are two obvious picks, anyone else getting consideration for the other spots? Heaton maybe?
Cant wait to see the countdown!!

Jason Svoboda

The Bird Level
Soon hopefully. I've just been stuck on #3 trying to get some information on what he's currently up to, but I think I finally have enough to complete his. Some of you may be shocked as to who the next couple guys are, but they are nobody that you mentioned gostate. Keep your eyes peeled!


The Nicks Level
I'm actually surprised that Menser rated that high. IMHO, Nicks was a far superior ball player, and I can think of several players that deserve the top 5 - none of which are from the last 10 years. As a matter of fact, I'd even say that Steve Reed was a better point guard than Michael, even though he never hit a game winner against IU!!! But hey, any list like this is subjective, and that's half the fun!!!

My Top 5 Sycamores:

1. Larry Bird (no brainer here)
2. Carl Nicks (this guy was an incredible player who did almost all his "damage" in just two years)
3. John Sherman Williams (2nd all-time leading scorer)
4. Jerry Newsome (what great teams he led)
5. Duane Klueh (a National POY honor and one of the first "stars" for the Wizard of Westwood)



The Varsity Level
No Harm Adding

1. Nate Green - POY in MVC. Led ISU to a 'REAL' season long championship. Won the Indiana Classic MVP and led ISU to the title being the only team to beat IU in that tourney. 2 time defensive POY in MVC. Could guard guys 5'10" to 6'8". Academic All Conference.

As soon as he was gone, the returnees (Menser, Renn, Kante, Avery, etc) dropped to 5th in the regular season which is conveniently forgotten because the team won the MVC Tourney.

2. Butch Wade. Incredible Offensive machine

3. Jimmy Cruse - what he accomplished at 6'5" was remarkable both in terms of improvement over his career and his stats in rebounding the last two years.

4. Coach Wooden - Did not say the ISU Legend had to be a player.

This is a 20 second list. Give me five minutes and I could do better.