Sycamores to play Louisville Cardinals in '09

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The Odum Level
wow, I can't believe ISU won't be playing Butler or Ball State next season. That is sad to see.


The Varsity Level
State vs The Ville

This is great for ISU! I live in the Louisville area and would love nothing more than a huge upset. The Cardinals will be stacked next year though as long as nobody leaves early for the pros.


The Nicks Level
I hope we can get some sort of home/home series with someone big. Even a 2 for 1 would be OK, but I would love to see someone of the BCS elite coming to Hulman Center. It's pretty obvious we won't see IU on the calendar again, although Painter might be willing to continue the series with Purdue. (?) Maybe we could get the Pacers! I bet we could win that one, but only if we played on a Monday, since half their team would still be in jail from the weekend!!! :bigsmile:


The Odum Level
That is a huge disappointment to not have the in-state rivals on the schedule. Butler won't even be that good next year with most of their star players graduating. It's exciting, I guess, to have a Louisville on the schedule if we get a home game out of it, but otherwise it doesn't excite me too much. Maybe it helps with recruiting.


Louisville Game

Yea, that would be a good test for us. They lose Padgett and Palacios, but according to Rivals there bringing in the #4 recruiting class in the country which should make up for them I would say.