Sycamores vs Shockers

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The All-MVC Level
definitely a must win for the girls tonight as WSU visits Hulman Center.

Big night in the MVC too as 4 games will be played.

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at the half ISU leads 38-27, pretty good first half for the girls.

the other games tonight are:

SIU at Drake
Evansville at Creighton
did I just hear the announcers say Luna went out with ANOTHER knee injury?? My goodness, what is going on with knee injuries with ISU?? Is it the shoes??

44-30 ISU leads
Wow, Golden confirmed it, ANOTHER player out with a knee injury, this is NOT good for the women, sigh.........

Second half
[] Luna has a right knee injury, I’ve been told by ISU SID Ace Hunt. She’ll be re-evaluated in Indianapolis on Friday. She is on the sidelines on crutches now, an all-too familar site this season for the ISU women.

54-40 ISU leads, the bench players are REALLY going to have to step it up now if the injury to Luna is a season ender.

Drake, Creighton, and ILS are winning the other 3 games in the MVC tonight, all in the first half
ISU will win this game, up 19 with 4 minutes to go. Pray that Luna's knee injury is not serious, ISU is going to really need her play down the stretch.

now 8-3 in the MVC. Now only if Drake, Creighton, and ILS could lose tonight too?
something odd I just noticed, on the website with the promotion for women's BB for the fight against breast cancer 3 of the 4 girls on the ad are out with knee injuries now, only Cooley is left without a knee injury, god forbid should she go down too.

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