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Jason Svoboda

The Bird Level
It's hard to fight the "here we go again" feeling when assessing the state of the Indiana State Sycamores. Indiana State has lost five of its last six games and some segments of a downtrodden fanbase feels it’s heard this tune before.
Indiana State has enjoyed positive starts in each of the previous two seasons. The Sycamores were 8-0 in 2006 before losing 11 in a row to eventually fall into the depths of the MVC. The Sycamores were 4-1 in the MVC in 2007, before losing 12 of their last 13 games to finish last in the league.

Indiana State was 4-1 in the MVC this season too, but as has been the case in past seasons, an ability to be competitive on the road has doomed the Sycamores.