Valpo big man trasferring to State?????

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The Nicks Level
It's arrogance like what I read on that board which permeates that entire institution. Talk about a superiority complex! I heard that it was that attitude that caused Royce to stop scheduling them.

Not a step up. Now that's funny...:krazy:


The Menser Level
Bryan Bouchie, as in son of Steve Bouchie (IU standout and former Mr. Basketball)?

I like him already.

In all seriousness...yes...great addition is an understatment. Hope it happens.


The Varsity Level
I agree with IndyTreeFan completely here. Valpo is no powerhouse! This would not be a step down by any means, a bigger state university, better conference, and better team. It makes sense to me. I hope it's true


There are some things that when posted on a message board could damage recruiting efforts and granted sometimes they could enhance a recruiting effort but this posting would appear to be premature and probably would have been best to have not been posted at this time. Yeah I know the Valpo board was running nuts with it.

Now, let me have it & argue point-counterpoint..............



The Menser Level
All I know is that the MVC is not over-rated. It's a quality, high-caliber conference in D-1 Basketball.

I'm actually a Valpo fan so I'll say nothing negative about them....but come on, ISU is on the verge of big big things.

Long Live McKenna!

(and Drew for that matter)


The Kleuh Level
Valpo - ISU

Ever wonder what the Valpo hoop program would be like w/o Eastern Euro-semi-pros using the "Crusader Connection" to immigrate to America?

At least Bouchie could bond w/ fellow English-speaking squad members.

Valpo...used to get their asses whipped by the Trees regularly in the old ICC.
We grew...they didn't.

That's why they're HORIZON (just above the surface)...:sycamores:


The Odum Level
Todd Golden commented on this in his blog today,

if Bouchie comes to ISU, great, if not, I am CERTAIN coach McKenna will continue recruiting the best players like he has since he's arrived at ISU. He's not just gonna sit back and wait for Bouchie to make a decision because he may very well decide to stay at VU. We'll know in a week or so.

In the meantime I am sure McKenna is on the recruiting trail with signing day coming next week again.

We can't get our hopes up too high over this just yet. It's all hearsay....