Waltman's Comments: What is your take?

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Jason Svoboda

The Bird Level
"Don't take this is as a bitter comment, because I'm not one bit bitter," Waltman said. "But the administration handled this with the deft touch of a 20-mule team. They said it at a Board of Trustees meeting, which is obviously going to leak out, but yet said they didn't want it announced until after the tournament. So it just left every man, woman and child in Terre Haute knowing I'm fired, but it's not official."

Waltman would like to coach again. He is not bullish on his future as the top man in a "I can't get a head coaching job," he said. "If you get fired for cheating, you can hired right back again. If you get fired for losing, it's like you've got leprosy. Young coaches need to bear that in mind. Cheating and not graduating players will not get you in trouble. But, boy, that damn losing."
What do you think about Waltman's comments? Personally, you don't win unless you recruit well and I don't believe State has recruited well on Waltman's watch. We've had very few dynamic guards or skilled big men since the Menser/Renn duo left.

What do you think?