West decision looking better

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The Odum Level
I was concerned that they acted too quickly in firing West earlier this year, but after seeing how bad the team has gone on to be there is no question it was a good move.

I worry the problem is no one can win with this program at this level, but there is no question someone should be able to do better than this. West did nothing to improve this team in three years. We shouldn't be losing week in and week out by 60 points.

People in TH talk about giving up the football program. I don't want that, but let's be honest, at this point ISU doesn't have a football team.


The Odum Level
you know, it's really baffling, the team started out 4-1 in 2004, and since then have gone 1-36, ONE AND THIRTY-SIX, How in the he!! does a team fall THAT FAST to the bottom of the barrell?


The Varsity Level
One of the biggest problems that I see is the facilities. If I were a young athlete trying to find a place to play I wouldn?t chose to play in an ancient stadium 3 miles from campus. Student support will continue to be zero as long as they can?t look out of their dorm and actually see the stadium. What recruiting tools do we have at our disposal? We have the worst facilities and the worst setup of anybody in the Gateway, we lose these games long before the first snap.


The Wade Level
What is mind blowing is this ISU team went to Ross Aide Stadium last year and gave a pretty good and much,much more talented Purdue team a real scare. This season we lose by 50pts weekly to Gateway teams.


The Odum Level
Yes, but after the Purdue game we continued to lose games by 50 points last season, too. Last year at least ISU had an outstanding offense.

The defense is the problem. It's the worst I've ever seen at any level. How West, a defensive coach, could do so poorly there is still a mystery to me.