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  1. B

    Valley - Mountain West Challenge

    Pretty good article from one of the Valley news scribes about the MVC/MWC Challenge beginning next season: http://www2.pjstar.com/index.php?/wessler/article/more_on_valley_mountain_challenges_and_the_bracketbuster/ :sycamores:
  2. bent20

    West decision looking better

    I was concerned that they acted too quickly in firing West earlier this year, but after seeing how bad the team has gone on to be there is no question it was a good move. I worry the problem is no one can win with this program at this level, but there is no question someone should be able to do...
  3. J

    Raetz in; West out

    Found at http://www.isuwatch.com By Jasmine Gregory After winning just one game in more than two seasons, Indiana State relieved Lou West as head football coach and hired former coach Dennis Raetz. Former Sycamore head coach Dennis Raetz will serve as interim coach for the rest of the season...
  4. JamesHat

    Coach West???

    Has anything been made known what Coach West's new role will be in the Athletic Department? Also, has anyone heard anything about the Football coach search...RP said a national search would begin immediately. :sycamores:
  5. Jason Svoboda

    Senior Tony West ready to run again for Sycamores

    The last month has not been the easiest of times for Tony West. On Sept. 13, the Indiana State running back suffered a cut on his left calf that required 18 stitches and forced him to miss four football games of his senior season. More...
  6. Jason Svoboda

    VIDEO: West out as ISU football coach

    Calling it ?the hardest decision I?ve ever made in my life,? Indiana State University director of athletics Ron Prettyman announced Monday that Lou West is no longer the university?s head football coach. More...
  7. Jason Svoboda

    Lou West hopes to coach again down the road; will support team, son rest of season

    Lou West doesn?t know what job he will perform to fulfill the remaining two-plus years of his five-year contract with Indiana State University. More...
  8. IndyTreeFan

    Sycamores fire Lou West after 1-25 record, rehire former coach Raetz

    West Gone? Check this link out... http://www.tribstar.com/local/local_story_267123642.html