Where do you think our Athletic Program will be in 4 years

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The White Level
Good morning my friends Just out of curiousity how do you think Dr. Ron Pettyman is doing on a scale of 1-10 (with 1 being the lowest & 10 being the highest) ........Also based on what Dr. Pettyman has done thus far where do you think our athletic department will be in 4 years?


The JSW Level
my vote for mr. prettyman is.....

an 8 and it could be much higher. but he is working against a well-entrenched group of people at indiana state university in the main offices. and many of those people, like much of the faculty, are anti-athletics.

i have heard from people at isu who have told me that the athletic department has tried to use different factions of the university in helping to promote the teams and athletes. but that they have gotten little, if any, assistance. some professors and instructors have turned their backs on the athletics department.

maybe having a new president on board will help. especially if he cleans house and brings in some forward thinking people to his staff, people who understand what kind of things that a fully-supported athletics department can do for a university.

isu needs a richard landini-type of president again. i hope that the new guy meets that qualification.

as good as mr. prettyman has been, and he's been very good in the time that he has been at isu from what i have seen from afar, he can't do much without the help of the president and without the full support of the board of trustees.

that help and support was sorely lacking for the athletic directors who were unlucky enough to have served under drs. moore and benjamin. the last two presidents just didn't care about athletics and it showed.

prettyman also had the unlucky chore of coming in and cleaning up after a do-nothing athletic administration that spent a lot of time trying to upgrade women's athletics at the expense of men's sports, an administration that did not attempt to build up those men's sports or to keep them at a competitive level.

does anybody think it was merely a coincidence that the football and baseball programs dropped off so much during that time? hardly. its a real credit to people like john mcnichols that the track and cross country teams remained as competitive as they have been.

so, finally, let's hope that mr. prettyman gets the help from alums and fans alike that he and the athletic department so desperately needs. if he doesn't get that help, the blame won't be on him.


The Odum Level
I think having a successful athletics department starts with your two most high profile sports - men's basketball and football. We really need to find some success at both. It's sad but right now I just want to get back to the way things were in the 90s, where at least we weren't an absolute embarrassment in football. Hopefully, we'll eventually do better than that.