White Castles in TH

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The Wade Level
Anyone heard any more about this? I know a few months ago it was on TV 10 I believe that one was going to be in the South end near Sams Club....any updates??


The Kleuh Level
Another ISU tradition threatened...surely as an undergrad, I wasn't the only one to summon a few friends for a break in Saturday night TH monotony for a trip to the 'Nap to stock up on these Kennedy half dollar-sized 'burgers?


The Varsity Level
I use to go to White Castle from the old frat house about twice a week. drove up, loaded up, came home! It is in the old Sonic. Rumor is also one out by the new Wal-Mart.


The Wade Level
Living in Mayberry I'd love to see a White Castle's out on 46! Any words on when the one on 41 is too open??