Will the Trees be among nations best 3PT Shooting teams?

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The Wade Level
I honestly believe with the new style of play we can be among the nations top 3PT shooting teams. With guys like Holmstrom, Moore and if Marco Stinson can regain his touch we have 3 guys capable of hitting 4 or more threes each game. Guys like Tunnell and Adam Arnold are also very capable from long range. A buddy of mine from Lafayette says Freshman guard Lamar Lee could be the best bomber on the ISU team this season.


The Captain Level
Has there been any indication as to what type of offense McKenna will run? Will he bring the Creighton offense east (which obviously allows for tons of jump shooting)? Or will he employ his own offense?


The Varsity Level
After a fast start, the above mentioned returning guards made less than 20% of their 3 pointers over the last 2/3 of the season.

A more wide open style of play should lead to more open looks which will help and perhaps a looser rein will help with the mental side so it might happen but realistically it would be a leap of biblical proportions to get into the 40% range it would take to lead the nation.

I'd be happy with a 35+%.