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  1. ISUCC

    Evansville message board

    Evansville FINALLY has an actual message board, pretty nice one too I might add. Worth checking out anyway
  2. Cap'n Cat

    Northern Iowa's Message Board Very friendly place; great people. Classy fans. Come on over and introduce yourselves. :):):):)
  3. bent20

    Cleaning up the board

    Can something be done about all of the spam and garbage posts we've been seeing in recent days? I'm worried it's going to get a lot worse.
  4. Little Eddie

    This board is officially overrun...

    ...with spammers. It's a shame. Now if someone posts something worth while it may potentially get buried by one of these bozos. I haven't heard much about the team. I know they're now done w/ summer school as Koang is coming back to Omaha for a little bit. No injuries aside from Jay coming...
  5. B

    Posting on this Board - Baseball, Football

    How many know that if you don't post under the Sycamore basketball forum the posts are "hidden" elsewhere & don't show up here on the main board? I may be slow but I just discovered several posts for baseball & football when trying to find something about the baseball games with Ole Miss. This...