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  1. B

    144 Teams - 144 Days

    Our Sycamores were #124 last pre-season. Two possible (Lamar & Ohio U.) opponents at the Louisville round-robin have already been listed. :sycamores:
  2. Jason Svoboda

    Whelliston: Are the Valley's multi-bid days over?

    The Missouri Valley Conference has established itself as a consistent multi-bid league. But this season, finding a bid beyond Southern Illinois will be hard, writes Kyle Whelliston. More...
  3. Sycamore624

    Lots of new members the past two days!

    Welcome to our new online home for ISU fans! Were any of you among the fans I talked to at the Block Party? Don't be shy!
  4. B

    Only 17 Days................

    until the exhibition tip-off with Depauw and then only three more days until the next exhibition with Nebraska-Kearney. Also, Little Eddie's first foray into Sycamore Country for the 2nd exhibition. Let's give him a Ballyhoo welcome (I assume the Bally's open on Sunday?). :sycamores::bigsmile: