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  1. IndyTreeFan

    Columbia Blue for all home games?

    Anyone else think this would be a cool idea? I reallllllllllllly loved the throwbacks this year. I think we should make them our permanent home color. It really sets us apart, and is a tangible tie to our wonderful basketball history. Am I nuts, or does anyone else like this idea??? (Be...
  2. bent20

    Listening to games

    I finally have a high speed Internet connection at home and was wondering where the best place is online to listen to games. Is it just 92.7 or are there better options.
  3. S

    CBI Post-Season Games, are they worth it?

    I am an ISU alum who lives in the Peoria, IL area and works in the sporting industry here. I meant to post something on this last spring, but am just now getting around to it as the season draws closer. Bradley, who we all know was in the inaugural CBI tourney, played host to some post-season...
  4. ISUCC

    Are 2 $$ games worth the 0-2 record??

    Interesting article coming out in the EIU newspaper tomorrow about whether or not it's worth it for I-AA schools to play one or two I-A games each year? Obviously ISU has 2 I-A games this season and I am pretty sure next year they play at Louisville and Tulsa, which will probably be 2...
  5. B

    Scheduling-Teams Looking for Games

    Found this on another board.............interesting.
  6. ISUCC

    Feb. 26th MVC games

    big night tonight for ISU SIU at Bradley (root for SIU in this one!) Drake at Missouri State (root for Drake) Evansville at WSU (fighting for the 10 seed here) We need Bradley especially to lose so there is still a chance for ISU to catch and pass them in the standings. Ruffin is not playing...
  7. ISUCC

    MVC games Feb. 20th

    SIU is just killing UNI in the first half (good for ISU) UE is up 18-13 on Illinois State with 7 min. left 1st half.
  8. ISUCC

    Feb. 13th MVC games

    CU at Evansville MSU at Illinois State Drake at SIU WSU at UNI Root for Evansville, Illinois State, Drake and WSU to win! ISU needs help if it want's any hope of not playing on Thursday in St. Louis!!
  9. ISUCC

    Last 6 games, how does ISU finish up??

    OK, 6 games to go: Bradley Illinois State Wichita State at Murray State at Northern Iowa Missouri State ISU sitting at 10-13 now, need to go 5-1 in these games to generate a winning regular season. Do you all think it's possible?? We know they probably won't win at UNI, so that means they'd...
  10. ISUCC

    Jan. 29th MVC games

    UE at SIU MSU at WSU root for UE and WSU! MSU is down to 8 players now. Things not looking good in Springfield.
  11. ISUCC

    Jan. 26th MVC games

    Drake vs. UNI SIU vs. CU UE vs. MSU Bradley at WSU gotta say, I hope DU, SIU, UE and WSU win these games as this would help ISU stay near the top in the MVC. Right now Drake up 4 on UNI in the 2nd half.
  12. Sycamore624

    Getting fans to the games

    Women?s Basketball Picked To Finish First in East October 11, 2007, INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - The Bellarmine women?s basketball team ranked No. 1 in the East Division of the Great Lakes Valley Conference pre-season coaches poll released today by officials from the GLVC office. Drury was selected for...
  13. btisu22

    New voice for Sycamore basketball games....

    Matt Renn will be doing color for Fritz this season! :sycamores:
  14. ISUCC

    Gateway stats so far, after 4 games

    obviously ISU not doing too well yet. I think last year ISU's opponents averaged over 500 yards a game in offense, they're VERY close to doing that again this year.
  15. X

    Greatest Games

    Just a thought... after you get done with the top 5 sycamores... why not the 5 greatest victories in ISU history?