Last 6 games, how does ISU finish up??

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The Odum Level
OK, 6 games to go:

Illinois State
Wichita State
at Murray State
at Northern Iowa
Missouri State

ISU sitting at 10-13 now, need to go 5-1 in these games to generate a winning regular season. Do you all think it's possible?? We know they probably won't win at UNI, so that means they'd have to win at Murray St. AND win all their home games to boot.

Anyone think it's possible??



The Captain Level
I think we will win all of the home games. Bradley and Ill State will be tough. We could beat UNI at the McLeod Center, but that will be tough.

I have seen Murray State play this year and they are pretty good.

4-2 down the stretch.


Hugh McAwesome
I have to agree with IllIndState and say 3-3. We won't win the two on the road, and might drop one at home to Ill State. I think the best we can hope for is 4-2. SHOULD go 5-1, but 3-3 or 4-2 is more realistic. Prove me wrong fellas.....


The Odum Level
I'm impressed with everyone's optimism. The way the team has played of late I don't know.


The Menser Level
I am very optimistic that State can finish .500 in the Valley. The Bradley win was a good one!


The Odum Level
Well, off to a 2-0 start in the first 2 of the last 6 games!

remaining games:

at Murray State
at UNI
Missouri State

could ISU run the table and go 6-0? Would be nice, but will be tough, if they play like they did Sat. night they could do it.

I saw Murray on TV against SEMO a few weeks back, they RUN like crazy. Had a good crowd at their game too. Won't be an easy place for ISU to win.


The last home game with Missouri State is a concern. They don't have much of a record this year but no matter what their fans think of him I can only think of one, maybe two times that we have beaten a Barry Hinson team AT HOME. Obviously we never beat them in Springfield. It will be a game that has much more importance to us than to MO St. It should be a "W" but we have to play the game!


Never know about Missouri State. We might be able to beat them at home. We are definately a really tough team this year at home for some reason. I am still just really dissappointed with the whole crowd thing going on here. I think that we might of had the same amount of people show up to some of our old high school games. If the student section would actually be filled once in awhile for games other than ranked teams, we may be completely undefeated. I'll admit, the ones that are there are great. They really try to make it a great atmosphere in the Hulman Center, but with three or four thousand students, imagine what it would be like in there. Sure would be nice to know. Anyways, GO TREES for the rest of the season and lets get the Missouri Valley Championship!!!!!!!!!!