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  1. JamesHat

    New Football Uniforms

    I have seen the pictures of the new football helmet and they look pretty sweet. Has anything been released about the jersey & pants? I have heard from the other board that they will be White pants ONLY. White jersey w/royal blue numbers front and back. Numbers on each upper sleeve. Indiana...
  2. Jason Svoboda

    Jerimy Finch to Indiana State?

    Former Warren Central High School football standout Jerimy Finch, who played at the University of Florida as a freshman last season, has been released from his scholarship and will transfer to another school. More...
  3. sycamore51

    Kids staying in the summer

    Has anybody heard if a lot of the players are staying in town for summer workouts this year or if any freshmen are coming in early?
  4. Jason Svoboda

    ISU's Faulkner invited to Saints? mini-camp

    Playing on a 0-11 Indiana State football team last fall did not keep NFL scouts from noticing senior outside linebacker Shonda Faulkner. On Tuesday, Faulkner told the Tribune-Star that he has been invited to participate in the New Orleans Saints? mini-camp for rookies May 9-11 at New Orleans. He...
  5. Jason Svoboda

    Indiana State football great Rich Dawson?s son Aaron working way through college, pro

    Terre Haute will never be confused with Hockeytown U.S.A., a slogan popularly adopted by the ice hockey hotbed of Detroit, Mich. More...
  6. T

    "Thinning" of the Roster

    Anybody taken a look at the updated roster on the website? ALOT of names no longer on the list...and as of now from the end of the Spring Game I hear 9 more have been cut (scholarship and non-scholarship) with more to come. Can we win playing 80% freshman?
  7. btisu22

    New football stadium rumors......

    I just heard that ISU has now bought Smiddy's carpet and all of those building on the west side of 13th Street. This was all bought with a new stadium in mind! Notice I state that it is a rumor. This is because there is nothing out there in the paper or on the news or anything. It is a hot...
  8. T

    My Spring Game Thoughts

    I watched a good portion of the spring game, here are some thoughts starting with offense: 1. Chuck Dowdell doesn't run the ball as much: -Is this a good thing? Could be, he took off after 1-2 seconds nearly every play last year and ended up with a few 1-2 yard gains that could have...
  9. sycamore51

    1st year football starters

    How many first year players, freshmen or transfers, can we expect to see starting this year? It sounds like the kid from Kentucky had a good spring game.
  10. S

    DB Julian Easterly Highlight Tape (About 4 minutes)

    I do not remember if I put this highlight tape of Julian Easterly, defensive back from Detroit Cass Tech who signed with ISU, online or not but, if I did, here it is again. Easterly apparently weighs only 167 pounds but finished fifth in the Michigan state track meet in the 200-meter dash. He...