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  1. T

    is it me or has the site been down more than a few times this week?

    for the last couple of mornings, i have not been able to get to this website. i keep getting either the down for maintainance error message....or there is no such website message...plus i had trouble getting here earlier in the week too....just wondered if anybody else had been having problems...
  2. IndyTreeFan

    A week after the fact...

    ...what do you think about our recruiting class? Those of you with knowledge, after having some time to chew it over, how did Miles and Co. do? I'm sorry to keep pumping you for info, but 1) in Indianapolis, I'm more likely to hear about PREZBO's search for a dog than I am Indiana State...
  3. ISUCC

    Tunnell MVC player of the week!

    this had to be a no brainer for the MVC folks, Jay deserved this! congrats!! http://www.mvc-sports.com/pdf4/376627.pdf?ATCLID=3666609&SPID=2901&DB_OEM_ID=7600&SPSID=36371
  4. ISUCC

    Wright MVC Track athlete of the week

    ISU 400 meter runner Sean Wright was the MVC track athlete of the week this week after running a 48.70 400 at the IU relays this past weekend. The teams compete at Notre Dame and DePauw this weekend. http://www.mvc-sports.com/pdf4/374189.pdf?ATCLID=3660869&SPID=2898&DB_OEM_ID=7600&SPSID=36327
  5. ISUCC

    Hutson, Clay MVC track athletes of the week

    2 ISU tracksters were MVC athletes of the week after the meet vs. Illinois State last weekend. Hutson was an auto qualifier for the NCAA championships in the pole vault while Clay was a provisional qualifier in the High Jump. Good meet this weekend for ISU as they travel to Purdue for the...
  6. G

    Leah Phillips named MVC player of the week Link

    Here is the link to the press release http://www.mvc-sports.com/ViewArticle.dbml?SPSID=36318&SPID=2897&DB_OEM_ID=7600&ATCLID=3625729 Shannon got memorable mention for newcomer of the week.
  7. X

    Select A Seat Night this Week!

    Link "The Indiana State men?s basketball team will hold its annual ?Select A Seat Night? for current and potential season ticket holders on Oct. 30 at the Hulman Center."
  8. ISUCC

    Two ISU players MVC players of the week

    Shoemaker and Manus earn MVC player and pitcher of the week, I wonder how long it's been since this happened? (Or if it's ever happened?) http://www.mvc-sports.com/pdf5/129303.pdf?ATCLID=1472388&SPID=2904&DB_OEM_ID=7600&SPSID=36445 of course the MVC site release doesn't even include the last 3...
  9. ISUCC

    Drake Relays this week

    big week for ISU track and field as the 99th Drake Relays get underway. And McNichols will be inducted to the Drake Relays Hall of Fame. Follow along with results here: http://www.nmnathletics.com/fls/15700/livestats/Relays/index.htm?SPSID=71588&SPID=8142&DB_OEM_ID=15700
  10. ISUCC

    MVC indoor track meet this week @ UNI

    ISU's men picked to finish 3rd (really think they can get 2nd though, UNI is too tough), Women picked to finish 2nd. Only 6 schools in the MVC sponsor track for men, 8 for women. from the MVC site: http://www.mvc-sports.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=7600&ATCLID=1398434 MVC weekly track...
  11. ISUCC

    it's the LAST week in the MVC race

    I don't know about you all, but this week is REALLY going to be exciting in the MVC! Almost every team is still fighting for seeding for the MVC tourney. ISU could still finish as high as the 5th seed, which would probably get them a game with Creighton or Ill. State. I would prefer to play...
  12. Jason Svoboda

    ISU?s Gabe Moore named MVC Player of Week

    Indiana State University senior point guard Gabe Moore was named the Missouri Valley Conference Player of the Week for men?s basketball for his performance in their two wins last week. More...
  13. ISUCC

    Gabe Moore MVC player of the week

    From the MVC site! Congrats Gabe!! http://www.mvc-sports.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=7600&ATCLID=1364535 also a nice article in today's Trib Star about Gabe and ISU... http://www.tribstar.com/sports/local_story_006221859.html :sycamores:
  14. S

    KELSEY LUNA - MVC Player of the Week

    After a solid team effort against Vanderbilt, accolades justifiably could be distributed to a handful of players if not the whole team. However, Kelsey's clutch performance in the late stages of the game and the overtime earned her a special niche...
  15. Jason Svoboda

    Tumultuous week for Sycamore football sees return of legendary coach, top-five Southe

    Now that the Indiana State football coaching situation is settled, at least for now, attention finally turns to the Sycamores? game today. That?s right, they have a game today. More...
  16. Jason Svoboda

    Sycamore Hoops is officially one week old!

    Sycamore Hoops celebrated it's one week birthday yesterday! In just a little over a week, Sycamore Hoops has seen 38 Sycamore Fanatics sign up and contribute over 530 high quality posts on 200+ stimulating topics. Okay, that may be laying it on a little thick, but considering it is still the...