it's the LAST week in the MVC race

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The Odum Level
I don't know about you all, but this week is REALLY going to be exciting in the MVC! Almost every team is still fighting for seeding for the MVC tourney. ISU could still finish as high as the 5th seed, which would probably get them a game with Creighton or Ill. State. I would prefer to play either of those schools rather than a hot SIU team right now.

this jumbled mess is from the site:

it's trying to predict how the standings will wind up. Let's prove them wrong and finish

Current Standings as of Friday, Feb. 22 with Projected finish

Team Record Conference Games Remaining Team Record
Drake 14-2 at Missouri State, Wichita State Drake 16-2
Illinois State 11-5 Creighton, at Southern Illinois Illinois State 13-5
Southern Illinois 10-6 at Bradley, Illinois State Southern Illinois 11-7
Creighton 9-7 at Illinois State, Bradley Bradley 10-8
Bradley 9-7 Southern Illinois, at Creighton Creighton 9-9
Indiana State 8-8 at Northern Iowa, Missouri State Indiana State 8-10
Northern Iowa 7-9 Indiana State, at Evansville Northern Iowa 8-10
Missouri State 6-10 Drake, at Indiana State Missouri State 6-12
Wichita State 3-13 Evansville, at Drake Wichita State 4-14
Evansville 3-13 at Wichita State, Northern Iowa Evansville 3-15


Are they seriously predicting us to lose the Missouri State game? We have lost one home game and that was to a top 25 team in Drake. We should beat Missouri State by double-digits. I think we have a chance against UNI as well. We just won on the road so the boys will have the confidence to go into the McLeod Ceneter and get a W.


The Sycamore Level
changed his mind

He was given a heads up by "Drakenation" and on re-evaluation gives us the Missouri game finishing 9-9. I still think we have a chance at NI...if the guys believe in themselves as they have the last FOUR games!!! Go Big Blue!


The White Level
The logic still doesn't make sense. ISU has two games left and they say we are to split with NIU and MSU. They predict MSU losing their remaining two games (which obvously tells us they predict us to win the MSU game) - So logically they have us losing against NIU...right...wrong...because they have NIU spliting their remaining two games and have them beating Evansville in one of their remaining two games - which then predicts NIU losing to ISU.

Come on, if you are going to throw a prediction out there at least make sure the numbers add up!


I'm really hoping that ISU can win at UNI tonight. I don't think that we will lose to MSU this week-end. We barely lst to Drake at home and they are a top 25 team. But there is a chance that we could beat UNI and I really hope that the guys realize this. LET'S GO TREES!!!!!!!!!!