[Committed] '23 KS SG Eli Shetlar (9/5/2022)

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The Menser Level
Possibly another late bloomer here. Looks like he’s grown from 6’2 to 6’6” over the last year or so. Clearly a deadly shooter, and is starting to blossom athletically. Decent offer list, too.

I’m really liking this class so far. Welcome to the family, Eli!


The Starter Level
Eli looks like a fit for the system... legit... 247 *** he can drain it... faaaast release.

Manyawu.... ok... checked out some good video of him on twitter... kid is a smart athlete. Good timing on blocks... can run and finish low... of course, he had size advantage in high school many times.


The Kleuh Level
Just having "Kansas" in his bio is good enough for me. Add 6'6" dead-eye shooter from 3 pt land, and it seals the deal! Congrats to the Syc Staff...