FBS realignment talk is back in season...

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The Mountain West Conference and the "Pac 2" (Wazzu and Oregon State) have come up with a two year scheduling agreement for football only. Sounds like the "Pac 2" will be paying for the privilege and that they will face substantial penalties if they try to poach "some, but not all" (hence a reverse merger) of the MWC schools away.

The "Pac 2" also won a court case against the "departing 10" to seize control over the operations of the PAC 12 Conference. That decision is being appealed to the Washington State Supreme Court. Once the departing 10 leave then the PAC has a two year grace period before they cease to be a conference. My guess is W/OSU will not make a final move before two years so that they can continue to collect whatever assets remain in the PAC vault.

The final result in a couple of years will likely either be a MWC expansion with W/OSU or a reverse merger where the Pac-2 expands with the 11 MWC schools plus Hawaii FB Only. Would also say that the MWC office / current commissioner will take over all current PAC operations.