Generous donation from Hulman-George family funds new video board installation at Hulman Center

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The Blue Level
Absolutely!! I JUST emailed my college roommate asking him when that occurred...seemed like after my Freshman and Sophomore years (82-83, 83-84), we no longer had to fight the battle on the floor of Hulman.

Gotta Hav

The Newsom Level
This is going to be a great addition, my only concern is, I hope that it doesn't make as much endless racket as the JUMBOTRON at a Purdue football game does. That thing is just endless announcements about birthdays, anniversaries, who's in attendance: advertising and just endless LOUD bullshit. And yes, I know that is outdoors and this is indoors, but this uncharted territory for us, so who is determining how it will bed used? Anyone?


Hugh McAwesome
My hope is when everything is installed and running they will lost a video (maybe 30-45 seconds) showing some of the capabilities of the new screens.

I think it is going to look really good and be the icing on the cake of the HC renovation