ISU's FB statistical rankings nationally

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The Odum Level
I went to look at the ncaa's site to see just how bad ISU is compared to the other 115 I-AA teams in the country. Some startling statistics thru Oct. 21st

Running Offense rank 80th
Passing Offense rank 104th
Total offense rank 112th (averaging 255 yards per game)

Now some of the really bad stuff (not that the above was good by any means)
Scoring offense 112th (11.9 points per game avg.)
Rush Defense 116th giving up 313 yards per game, dead last, 115th is Columbia U at 261.5! ISU is giving up over 50 yards MORE per game than the 115th placed team, unreal
Pass Defense 33rd keep in mind here other teams realize they don't have to pass against ISU, they can run all day.
Total Defense 115th giving up 494 yards per game, only Northern CO. is worse.
Scoring Defense 116th ISU is giving up over 46 points per game, 5 more per game than 115th place Northern CO.
turnover margin 112th -1.63 per game here
Passes had intercepted 112th ISU has thrown 14 interceptions, almost 2 every game
3rd down conversion efficiency 113th 24.3 percent!

it does not take much to see why ISU is so deplorably bad. Whoever takes over has some dizzying things to work on. If you all want to see all the stats, here is the link


The Odum Level
The team is so bad who would want to take over? They likely won't be any good. It's a very discouraging situation.


The Wade Level
The only reason we are 116th is because there isn't 117's sad and frustrating but this program I feel is beyond repair at this point.


The Odum Level
The only real chance to improve is to drop down to a less competitive level, maybe even out of Div. 1. Is that possible? Can they do that? I know the administration probably wouldn't, but can they?