MVC Media Day

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The Nicks Level
MVC Media Day Rankings

Today is media day for the conference. We landed in 7th. Probably about where we'll stay in these things until we prove we can win on the road. Here's the rundown:

School (First-Place Votes) Points
1. Creighton (36) 386
2. Southern Illinois (2) 322
3. Illinois State (1) 309
4. Drake 274
5. Bradley 219
6. UNI 186
7. Indiana State 137
8. Evansville 122
9. Wichita State 105
10. Missouri State 85

Pre-season POY - Osiris Eldridge, Illinois State

2008-09 MVC Preseason Team
Jonathan Cox, Drake
Osiris Eldridge, Illinois State
Bryan Mullins, Southern Illinois
P'Allen Stinnett, Creighton
Josh Young, Drake
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Little Eddie

The All-MVC Level
Hopefully my alma mater doesn't come to ISU...the Sycamores don't want any part of my Wyoming Cowpatties! :)

Actually they may not be too good after Brandon Ewing and Sean "I once played for the Shockers" Ogirri this coming year. I did notice that they picked up former Bluejay recruit JayDee Luster as a transfer from New Mexico St...

Anywho...I hate CSU and BYU so I'd take pleasure in beating either of those teams.