MVC Pre-Season Picks


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I saw the same thing a few weeks ago. Most don't have us moving up at all. I don't quite understand except that most fans move their own teams up and that usually moves us down one. If we are not improved substantially; I, for one, will be quite disappointed. And I don't think we need any help from freshmen to be better. I don't know how many double-figure scorers a team can have, but I think we have several potentials.


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I think the reason other team's fans don't have ISU moving up is because they really haven't proven themselves to win on the road yet. Like you said, if they can win some key road games, a-la Drake, then ISU will begin to garner some respect. I truly think this year is finally going to be the year we see some major changes (in a good way). This team has waaaaay too much talent now to finish worse than 6th in the MVC. And I too, will be very disappointed if they are not in the top 6 this next season.
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I will be very suprised if the Sycamores finish worse then 6th place. Our team has alot of talent. Other fans don't give the Sycamores respect because they don't see them play like they do in the Hulman center. I predict the Sycamores to finish fourth.


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An upper division finish would be a major accomplishment this year. Remember, KMac's system isn't exactly the easiest thing to grasp, and we stand to have many newcomers playing serious minutes. I think the possibilities are endless for 09-10, but 08-09 could be another "growth" year for the Trees. Remember, we have no one on the team who really knows how to win road games. That's not going to be easily remedied, as the rest of the league will not be getting worse this year.

I don't usually sound like a downer, but I don't want to get too hyped for next year. I woule like to see the following: Over .500 in both overall and conference records, AVOID THE PLAY-IN GAME, come on really, really strong in the last six weeks of the season. Set us up for a great run in 09-10.

Now, can anyone help us get IU on the schedule this season? Here or there, I don't think it will matter!!!!

Any news on any big names willing to come to Hulman Center???

I am guessing that the biggest names that will visit the Hulman Center this season will be our conference opponents. We only lost two games at home last season (77-83 Drake & 73-83 Missouri State). Drake was just a really good team and Missouri State played better that night. None of the so-called "Big Boys" will venture to the HC for awhile unless we give up a 2 for 1 or more and maybe not even then? INDIANA - NO, PURDUE - NO; not even Butler who was due to play here this season & will not be.


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Well, we get a little love from someone...

It all comes down to winning on the road. We do that, we're good. We don't, we're not. This is not rocket science, and it looks like everyone else has that figured out, too...
Wow...thank you for providing that link IndyTreeFan.

Nothing like an in-depth look at ISU basketball by an outside observer in EARLY August to get the roundball blood flowing. That writer didn't miss a beat. He scares me a little.