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Probably GL's "alter ego," which he lost contact w/ long ago...

Here's a review of last night's game from the SEMO perspective. They've now lost to SIU, UE (both in OT) & ISU in close contests. Is this a school that the MVC should be examining as a potential "add?"

If we could add both Murray State and SEMO tomorrow I would approve of it 100%. SEMO doesn't have a ton of fan support currently, but they have football and are close enough to St Louis that they definitely have the potential to bring fans to the tournament. I've been in their arena and it's definitely nice enough to be considered MVC caliber. Valpo for example would kill to have an arena that's as nice as SEMO's.

In my view adding SEMO would be 50 times better than adding a UIC or Northern KY. Of course the private schools would never agree to it because they have football.

I'd also add that historically Murray State and SEMO have been rivals for many years; and SEMO would be natural rivals with SIU and Missouri State. In football SEMO and SIU already have a travel trophy. MO State and SEMO are also the only two FCS schools in the state of Missouri and adding another school in Missouri would be nice, considering how MSU in the southwestern corner of the state.


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I don't believe MVCBeat has promoted the following link, but this is probably his best work so far. He rates all the MVC Coaches. The 2nd longest tenured coach in the MVC (GL) gets ranked at #7. MVCBeat said "Lansing is probably the toughest coach to rank on this list. He has himself has admitted, “If they had the money, they would have bought me out three years ago”. I don't remember him being quoted as saying that before.

Thank you for reading!

That quote, I believe, came from an article in the Athletic. I originally saw it in the Indiana State preview article on Three Man Weave.

Athletic Article:
3MW Article:



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Hello Sycamores,

I just posted the week 5 updated power rankings. I am also using the ten teams from my first article, "Every MVC School's Best Basketball Team of the 20th Century" to play out a simulated all-time MVC season using Part one of my two part series on that is also posted. Indiana State's participant is the 2001 team that won Arch Madness and an NCAA Tournament game.

Have a happy new year all.



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The Week 6 Power Rankings and Tidbits are now posted.

I have also posted the second part of my All-Time MVC simulated season. The regular season has finished so you can see the final standings, where the 2001 Sycamores landed and their scores (although I'll go ahead and tell you it isn't good).

Really looking forward to next week when I play out my all-time season's Arch Madness complete with box scores and game summaries. I have already started and it has been a blast.

Thanks for those of you who are reading. Really cool to see multiple hundreds of views on my articles!

I still think ya'll have a decent team, but you definitely need to get something out of this weekend Best of luck.


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Hello Trees,

There are two new posts this week. The first is my standard weekly power ranking, summaries and tidbits.

The second is one I am really excited about. It is Session 1 of my "All-Time Arch Madness" featuring all the teams from my "Every MVC School's Best Team of the 20th Century" article. For this, I have supplied a writeup and a box score for each game as provided by whatifsports. Session 1, Thursday Night, is posted, and I will be posting one session a day for the next five days. ISU makes its debut in today's article against 2006 Bradley. After this week, I'll get back to my normal stuff.

Thanks all. The link is here:


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Hello Sycamore Fans,

The new weekly power rankings and summaries are posted. This week's other article is about the "Top 30 Newcomers in the MVC in 20-21 (So Far)". Featured Sycamores include Howard, Larry and Miller. Also my "All-Time Arch Madness" was played out in five sessions over the course of last week and that is now finished and posted.

The link is here:

Thanks all and good luck.

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For those that don't have the time to read MVC Beats article, here's the only take away from it.

26.) Julian Larry, FR, Indiana State (2.6 PPG, 2.0 RPG, 1.8 APG, 19.8 MPG, 11 Starts): I haven’t been able to watch a lot of Indiana State’s games, so I don’t know why this freshman from Frisco, Texas, has started every one of the Sycamores’ games despite mediocre stats. He has been on the floor for nearly half of Indiana State’s minutes and has shot the ball at a 22% clip. I have to assume he is a glue guy type of player, as the guard has been held scoreless in four if the Trees’ last seven games and went five straight games without making a basket. The kid is still a true freshman and I am sure he will develop into a fine player, but the Trees’ commitment to him for this season right now with more experienced guards on their bench is puzzling.