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It's interesting the differences between the last 2 recruiting classes. In 2007, ISU announced 24 recruits, 11 of which were on the roster this past season, 2 of whom quit during the season, and probably about 6-7 of whom will be on the roster next season. In 2008, Coach Miles announced 31 recruits, and 8-9 more were added after signing day. Of these, 3 were not on the opening roster for the 2008 season, and it looks like all but 1 or 2 will be back next season.

The roster on the web site has been revised to remove the players that have left the program (Schmidke's not on the roster, but a couple other Freshmen that I was worried about leaving are still listed). They've also changed the current Freshmen to Sophs on the roster, with the exception of those that have redshirted--it shows 7 redshirt Freshmen. All in prep for the listing of the ?? number of incoming Freshmen next season. Is anyone going to the signing day event?


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weather permitting and nothing comes up work wise....

i plan on being there wednesday for signing day. i may take my laptop and post the recruiting list to my isu football alumni newsletter that night.


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reply about possible broadcast

I took your advice but haven't received a reply. I try a couple of more names on the site and see what happens.

I received a reply... Will be neat if they can work something out.

[ email reply from Ace Hunt ]

Subject: Re: football signing day celebration Feb. 4th

I check to see if that is doable this year or not ... Our equipment will be set up for the men's basketball game after the signing day event, but I will see if we cant work something out.

I will let you know just as soon as we have a chance to meet and discuss.

Thanks --


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Glad to see we picked up another quarterback.

Here is what rivals has listed so far:
Santino Davis LB 5-11 225 4.85 - Perkinston, MS

COMMITTED/UNSIGNED Pos Stars Ht Wt 40 RR Video Enrolled Hometown
Tyler Boyd DE 6-2 250 - - Avon, IN
Keith Dietel DE 6-2 230 - - Greenwood, IN
Brandon Foster LB 5-11 215 4.8 - Fort Branch, IN
Luke Harris RB 5-11 190 - - Whiteland, IN
Matt King QB 6-4 175 - - Rockville, IN
Tanner Riley WR 5-10 158 4.59 - Greenwood, IN
Tyler Stafford 6-3 230 - - Fortville, IN