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What song would you like to hear right before tip off to get the crowd and players into the game? At Creighton a while back they played the rap song "WE READY FOR YALL" (i dont think that is the song name but that is about all they say) and it got everyone in the building fired up!! What do you guys think would be a good one for us??

Go State!

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The fight song. It's guaranteed to get fans up on their feet. They know the song, they know when to clap..the cheerleaders, dance team, and announcer can take it from there by keeping the crowd on its feet and clapping until the opponent scores. It's a great way to get the crowd into the game from the get-go.

I agree with the fight song but what are some other songs that would be good to play at that time?
Would you like to hear a rap or rock song?
I think it would have to be a universally known song so as not to alienate older fans. Last season they tried out Metallica. I liked it. Others didn't know what to think! :)
Whatever gets our players pumped.

I attend Indianapolis Indians games and they play a little snippet before they come out to bat for most of the players. Lets you peek into their personalities a bit.
Hoop Music

Try sampling this site, which offers crowd an opportunity to CLAP w/ beat and funky adaptation by band/cheerleaders from GAME to GAME.

This Spinola stuff would allow Chicago Bull-type light show/scoreboard graphics...sends goosebumps! Be sure to listen to the full 3:55 version, which I'd play LEADING into the announcement of the ISU starting lineup (1st initiated by board graphics depicting WIND blowing thru the Sycamore trees...a single sycamore leaf blowing thru HISTORY - landing @ various points w/graphics & pics of ISU HOOP HISTORY- using that NEW scoreboard as a TEACHING INSTRUMENT -followed by ISU starting player announcements... with the ISU Cheerleaders/Band (in stands) accompanying with a choreographed rah-rah dance that'll keep the crowd raucous thru the tipoff!
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Since there are a lot more older fans than students, let's drop the rap crap & crazy loud stuff. Yes it does alienate us older fans. Whatever they were playing outside the arena before games a few games past would absolutely drive folks away. Hope they have quit that for good.
starting song

Except for the cheesy part in the middle, this one might work. Here's a youtube link for the performance....from High School Musical (the original). Of course we would only use the audio with some ISU game highlights on the big screens while it's being played. Rights to use it $$$??

Sounds too much like a VA Tech re-enactment and would drive the older fans to the nearest Excedrin PM counter...

The symbol in the left-hand corner pretty much describes this "current wave" panacea (HS Musical). Do Hannah Montana (and Billy Ray) accompany the script?

I'll give you credit though...Penn State (what a hoop tradition!) uses the drum beat during TO's...
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They switched it up at the last home game and went with the fight song before tip. That seemed to keep fans on their feet. That was much better than what they were doing before. I liked the change and hopefully they will stick with it.