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The Odum Level
well, what happens in Des Moines tonight? I predict the same thing we've seen lately, ISU jumps out to a lead, goes into the half w/ a lead, comes out with a big scoring drought in the 2nd half at some point, Drake takes the lead, ISU panics and starts turning the ball over left and right and Drake wins comfortably by 15-20 points.

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I just want to see improvement. I can handle the losing, I can't handle the standstill we seem to be on. Just give good effort, don't make too many stupid mistakes, and clean the defensive boards better. Do that, and we can say that the guys have made a little progress. Just show me some improvement!!!!

Drake opens as a 16 point favorite according to CBS sportsline. About what I figured.

Is Drake very big? Will our big guys be able to score some points tonight? I thought Drake was a more guard oriented team?
live stats link for the game

live stats are usually a couple minutes ahead of the radio broadcasters.

if Golden is blogging from the game the link will be here

ISU's radio tonight is the Crock

and if that doesn't work, try Drake's radio link, their broadcasters are actually quite entertaining if you've ever listened to them.
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for those keeping track ISU hasn't won at Drake since January of 2000.

UNI hadn't won in Omaha in 12 years, but look what happened last night, so anything is possible I guess.
in other MVC action, SIU is at WSU (both 0-3 in MVC play) and MSU (0-3) is at Evansville (2-1), go Aces!

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14-10 Drake leads with Martin shooting FT's after the break. Martin misses both free throws, then proceeds to travel. Turnovers, once again, plauging ISU as they have 4 already, including a shot clock violation, sheesh

16-10 Drake

The other road teams are winning their games (MSU and SIU)
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another careless turnover for ISU and just like that it's 18-10 Drake, wow, this isn't any different than any other ISU game.
23-16 Drake, ISU w/ 5 turnovers, Drake 6 points off ISU turnovers.

ISU is winning the rebound war though.

Evansville and SIU winning the other 2 games
28-19 Drake, Martin is leading ISU with 8 points.

ISU 2-6 from the free throw line

game going about how I expected it would.

ISU with a huge rebound advantage, but it's not helping with the score.
31-21 Drake, this one's about over.

SIU and Evansville leading the other 2 games

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at the half Drake leads 31-26

ISU just 2-8 from the free throw line, sigh

Isiah Martin with 10 points in the 1st half and ISU with a huge rebound edge.

well, we'll see if ISU can do anything in the 2nd half.
Drake up 38-29, not much fight in ISU here in the 2nd half. Too many turnovers for ISU

meanwhile, SIU and Evansville leading the other games.

Anyone else see IU blow a 20 point lead to Michigan, then lose in Overtime??
38-32 Drake, if ISU could hit free throws we'd be in this, that and we're shooting 35% from the field.

Still, we're killing Drake on the boards, just can't score.
44-34 Drake, I'd say this one's over. 10 minutes left.

And another turnover ISU

Evansville and SIU still winning
51-42 Drake, about 7 min. left. ISU making just enough turnovers and missing just enough shots to keep themselves about 10 points down.

ISU 2-19 from 3 point range too

Meanwhile, Evansville is still ahead of MSU by 1 and WSU has caught back up to SIU and only trails by 4

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wow, Carter fouled while shooting a 3, misses the 1st 2, Drake comes down and buries a 3 and is now up 11,

this game's over folks.

ISU still with only 2 D-I wins this season.
Drake by 13 now, largest lead of the night

ISU 2-20 from 3 point range and 8 missed free throws. That's the game right there, otherwise this is a game ISU wins. BIG night for ISU with their rebounding though. Just killing Drake on the boards.

Also, ISU shooting only 26% in the 2nd half from the field.
64-46 Drake, we're getting BLOWN out now. the spread was 16, we're past that now
and your final, 69-50 Drake, we really, really, really stink folks, Not sure we're gonna win any more games this season. Very sad to see this program fall as far as it has.

2 D-I wins for 2008-2009. sigh

SIU beats WSU in Wichita, Evansville and MSU going to overtime
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