UNI wins at SIU

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The Odum Level
folks, we're not that bad off, UNI went down and won in Carbondale by 9 tonight. Yes, the MVC is down. I am still hopeful ISU can avoid playing on Thursday, BUT we have GOT to win our home games from here on out starting with E-ville on Sunday. The CU loss in TH was a given I think. They were tired of coming in here and losing.

I hope too that ISU can win a few more road games this year as well. That would sure help the cause.


The Odum Level
I agree, but we should never be comfortable with any home loss. It sets a bad standard. It's going to be a long season by the looks of it, where any win should be reason for encouragement, but let's always strive for something better.


The Odum Level
Man your guys optimism is great and all, but were you at the game? Again I pose this question, what about yesterdays game gives your reason to believe that we will win another game this season?

Carl Richard - as expected came back to earth. Did Northern Iowa just decide he was not worth guarding or what? Granted Creighton flat out defends the ball well but Richard does not impress me.

Aaron Cater - I cant watch him step out of bounce anymore this season. He simply did not come to play yesterday. Dude was lost how many bad passes did he make?

Harry Marshall - Flat out gets it done! The dude plays as hard as anyone else on the floor. Has anyone noticed how much better his shot has gotten since his Freshman year. Granted his freshman year Royce had everyone on the team scared to death to shoot the rock but hes letting it fly at a decent rate!

Jay Tunnell - Has not done anything this year and is not worth my time to post about him.

Tyler Cutter - Injury update? What did he do? Not a major loss anyways.

Jordan Pritney - Shot the ball well yesterday. Does anyone else wish he would be more aggressive and shoot the ball more? I mean you gotta force it sometimes buddy.

Rashad Reed - Injury Update? What in Gods name was that wrap on his left hand. Looked like it was tough to play with. He is are only true PG on the entire team. No one else can handle the ball.

Isiah Martin - Biggest disappointment of the season. Thought this kid was supposed to have a good year. He has not done anything.

Josh Crawford - I actually don't mind his game. I think he does some nice things when he is in the game. I would like him to shoot the ball a little more as well he seems to have a decent mid range shot.


The Menser Level
Well you covered all of the negatives and threw in your opinions for what their worth. Here's some additional data:
Richard is #14 in the MVC in rebounding (#1 among freshmen)
Cutter is #17 in assists (#4 freshman)
Printy is #12 in 3fg% (#2 freshman)
Carter is #18 in 3fg% and #19 in 3fg/g
Reed and Harry and Jay also made the lists in more than one category.

You were right about Martin. I think he will get it going but it looks like it's going to take some more time. It's actually not his fault that the team needs him badly. I just hope he works hard and gives us all he has.

Our inside game has to be among the weakest in the league. If, indeed, Coach is in the building process, the inside players will be the hardest to get and will take the longest to develop. That's just the way it is and getting into a funk about it won't do any good. The only thing we fans can do is cheer and be patient.