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  1. G

    ISU at SIU

    ISU loses it's 3rd game in a row to another last place MVC team, this time SIU. Things are not going well for ISU with all these injuries. 4 games to go, UNI and Bradley at home then Drake and Creighton on the road. Hopefully the girls can avoid falling below 5th place in the MVC. Need to win...
  2. bent20

    ISU vs SIU

    Nice come back in the first half.
  3. G

    Sycamores vs SIU

    unlike the men last night, the women are winning tonight at the half 27-18 need to win to stay in 1st place in the MVC The other game tonight is Evansville at Illinois State Go Purple Aces!
  4. Little Eddie

    Syc's vs SIU

    Shooting woes have continued but the D has been pretty darned good considering the current health of the team. SIU did hit their first 5 or 6 shots but during that time they also had 4 TO's...they have double digit TO's at the half. Lots of different players contributing...sick poster dunk by...
  5. ISUCC

    UNI wins at SIU

    folks, we're not that bad off, UNI went down and won in Carbondale by 9 tonight. Yes, the MVC is down. I am still hopeful ISU can avoid playing on Thursday, BUT we have GOT to win our home games from here on out starting with E-ville on Sunday. The CU loss in TH was a given I think. They were...
  6. H

    ISU at SIU

    OK, dare I ask to start the discussion on what to expect in ol Carbondale? I really don't know what to say thus far. I guess keeping them under 50 and us scoring a TD is improvement? Is getting a win down there too much to ask/hope/expect?
  7. G

    rising travel costs of college sports (SIU)

    went over to the SIU board and this link was posted about their increased travel costs. Makes me wonder how much flying ISU does as opposed to driving to meets/games/matches, etc... article link
  8. ISUCC

    Gateway predictions from SIU paper

    the SIU paper predicts this year's Gateway football race:
  9. ISUCC

    BIG trouble for SIU women's BB

    ISU's former assoc. coach Lanham involved, wow, this is a MESS and a BAD situation
  10. Jason Svoboda

    Indiana State baseball gets ahead early, but falls victim to SIU offensive outburst

    Indiana State couldn?t stand prosperity. More...
  11. ISUCC

    ISU at SIU

    ISU opens MVC play at SIU this weekend, I'd guess if the ISU bats stay awake they could win this series and get off to a good start in MVC play. from ISU: live stats from the SIU site (link over on the right side)...
  12. B

    SIU Has Two (2) Rivals Top 150 Signees

    How do they do that? Anyone check on Lowery's phone records? #29 is a 4-star recruit (If he was #28 would be a 5-star) & #135 is a 3-star recruit. Unless I missed it I don't see any other committed recruits on this list that aren't going to a dastardly BCS school although I wasn't really...
  13. ISUCC

    ISU at SIU (2/5/08)

    tough road game at SIU today. Be nice to have a repeat of 2006, but the way the team is still playing on the road it doesn't seem likely. We'll see?? From ISU: Trib Star...
  14. Jason Svoboda

    ISU men hope for repeat of 2006 upset at SIU

    And then there were four. Indiana State?s Adam Arnold, Gabe Moore, Jay Tunnell and Mick Yelovich are the only current Missouri Valley Conference players to know what it?s like to win at Southern Illinois. More...
  15. ISUCC

    end of SIU game on free video

    ISU put the end of the SIU game on it's site for free. Go here: keep the audio down a little, Fritz goes nuts when Stinson hit the last 3 :sycamores:
  16. B

    SIU Whiners

    Falker has a bad game, no doubt due to our defense on him, but the columnist says Adam "tackled him" on their last pass of the game and no foul was called? SIU has won so much that it is apparently very difficult for their fans...
  17. ISUCC

    ISU vs. SIU

    well, if you ask me, this is the most important game of the season to date, we need to see how this team responds to the resounding "thud" they left at Drake Weds. A win will really help as this team hits the road for some very difficult games. Hopefully it's a big crowd, sounds like alot of...
  18. Jason Svoboda

    Indiana State men looking for redemption vs. SIU

    The Indiana State men?s basketball game against Southern Illinois tonight might very well come down to self-belief.In ISU?s case, it?s a matter of proving its dud showing in a 75-50 loss at Drake on Wednesday was just a blip on the radar, not an impending trend. In SIU?s case, it?s a matter of...
  19. ISUCC

    ISU at SIU 1/3/08

    MVC play starts tonight for the ISU women, good chance to pick up a road win at SIU against some former ISU coaches. SIU hasn't played too well this year after winning the MVC last season. Let's hope for an ISU win here too!! :sycamores:
  20. Jason Svoboda

    ISU women head to SIU for rivalry game

    A rivalry may officially be taken to a higher level today.The rivalry was no doubt elevated when Indiana State?s women?s basketball team was defeated 86-69 by Southern Illinois in a trip to Carbondale, Ill., last January.The defeat was ISU coach Jim Wiedie?s first to the Salukis and it helped...