'22 NC CG Isaac Holmes (8/6/2022)

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It’s right.

Some walk-ons dress, but not all for every game. We also generally have some redshirts mixed in too, so they’ll also alternate dressing for games.

Our walk-ons have received some playing time in the past because we only had 1-2 most of the time plus injuries. Now we have 3 walk-ons plus a completely healthy scholarship roster at the moment. The crunch for court time and just to dress for games will be interesting.
I apologize.

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Are you thinking both Miller and Holmes? I'm not sure HCJS can risk that. Maybe one since we'll have quite a few but I'd be shocked at both unless both are just gangbusters.

We do have 6 openings but still.

Looking over old recruiting threads after the 2 recent commits. On the 2 walk-on issue, I think you are mis-reading the situation.
It's quite possible that the only reason we have the 2 walk-ons is that we ran out of scholarships and these two wanted to come now and be here next year when we have 6 spots to fill. I believe Coach feels that these guys are future scholarship players. It's not like picking up a local or in-state player as an extra for practice.
I guess we'll have to see, but there is a lot of opportunity next year with 6 seniors.
The question I have on Holmes is speed, but a solid, tall, PG with a good handle that can rebound and pass might have some potential.
Just fyi. I noticed that redshirt Holmes was on crutches at the game yesterday. Don't know what his injury is though.

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So, is there any point to recruiting high school kids anymore? Just wait and shop around the portal every year. Use the recruiting budget for something else.
So, is there any point to recruiting high school kids anymore? Just wait and shop around the portal every year. Use the recruiting budget for something else.

The short answer is absolutely... A kid like Robbie doesn't belong at a high major - not yet anyway. So, if you don't recruit him and say someone else in the MVC does (they were) and you've got to play against him? No thanks. Without Cade Tyson in the league you recruited the Freshman of the Year at Indiana State. I'd much rather have him then have to play against him.

I would just reiterate that I wouldn't get too emotionally invested and attached to the idea that anyone is going to stick around for four years anymore. In the case of Robbie he's getting NIL money to stay here so the kids not starving, he's driving a nice ride around town and he's been fully embraced by the locally community. He's a big fish in a small pond so to speak. Look certain kids are going to still see value in that - not ever D1 basketball player needs to play for a P6 school to be successful - many of them will thrive with being an underdog at the mid major level and be content with that for 4 years. But you just can't get married to the idea that they will stick around.

One other thought while we are on the subject - if you are a Freshman to be and decide that NOW is the right time to open up your recruitment you are getting REALLY BAD ADVICE unless you just had an unbelievable high school title run, put up outrageous numbers in the process and someone has guaranteed you something. Otherwise, to enter the open market right now with as many high level plays in the portal - you aint got shit on 80% of these guys in the portal who have actually logged D1 minutes and know what it takes. It's like trying to sell your so-so home to a prospective buyer when you've got an overwhelming supply of similar homes that are nicer and better value. It's just not a good time to decide to reopen your recruitment or sell your house.
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Either we have some heavy talent coming in and Holmes, Martin and Crawford don't see playing time in their future, or we got a problem bubbling. Let's pray it's the first one!
This one really surprised me. This guy was always on the sidelines and very engaged all season. I ran into his mother at one of our early games and asked her about him as rumors were he was leaving the program. She was adamant that he was only red shirting due to his injury. Why would someone wait this long to go into the portal? Also, what is the last date that players have to commit? Not much time for campus visits, one on one with coaching staffs etc... What does an unproven guy who hasn't played or practiced much have to sell to another program that would be a better situation that ours? I am wondering if some of these guys end up playing Division II next year.

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Wasn't he kind of on the same program plan at Miller? redshirt, then a schollie might open up?

If that's the case I can see where Schertz couldn't afford to give both him and Miller a full ride. Miller is pushing it already and Holmes on full ride would of been too much dead weight with our scholarships (unless Holmes had some game that was NEVER mentioned by any outlet). I could see him just not wanting to sit the bench or pay for school any more when he could drop down a level and maybe get a look. This is not that surprising.
Well this is interesting! This kid quit at ISU a few games in last year. It looks like he is now a walk-on at SLU…… figure that one out.
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Even going back and re-reading this thread, I still don't remember this kid. His legacy will live on, never.