Aces Select Ex-ISU Asst Dave Ragland to Lead Revival of Program

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The Blue Level
Ragland is a good pick and in all honesty should have had the job when they hired the train wreck McCarty , but the thing i thought was assanine was UE hired a search firm and probably paid them far in excess of 6 figures to hire a person they had interviewed before had ties with and is an Evansville native. I think the search firm came out the best in this deal.


The Kleuh Level
Evansville fans don’t seem to be to thrilled to have him
Like McCarty, they were hoping for "fireworks." The Div II coach from MO was a top vote-getter on the Aces Forum, and some think he TURNED DOWN an offer - just speculation. 2nd on the list was Creighton Asst Ryan Miller. Ragland actually received few votes from the Aces diehards.


Hugh McAwesome
Not the best or brightest. If Ragland is one thing, it's a tireless recruiter. Hell, you and I saw him scooting around on that Achilles cart recruiting for us that one Summer.
And not only was he still there working but it seemed like everyone was coming over to speak to him. He appeared to be well liked and well connected.


The Sycamore Level
Should we Sycamore fans be impressed? Just looks like "old home week" in Evansville ..... can Marcus Wilson coach or just talk a good game?


The Kleuh Level
A more relevant question is how strong his recruiting contacts are in the St. Louis area. Wilson has thorough credentials in the eyes of UE college basketball "experts,"and is well-liked and strong valued, as evidenced by his post-collegiate endeavors w/ youth development programs in St. Louis, Atlanta & Africa. Typing Wilson as "old home" is funny, given his geo-diverse contacts in life post-UE playing dayz.